Göran Johansson

Göran Johansson

Applied Quantum Physics Laboratory
Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience - MC2
Chalmers University of Technology

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PhD Students

Robert Johansson, "Quantum mechanics in superconducting electrical circuits and nanomechanical devices", PhD October 2009.
Lars Tornberg, Licenciate February 2007, "Superconducting qubits - measurement, entanglement, and noise", PhD May 2009.
Anton Frisk Kockum, Licenciate December 2012, "Quantum optics with artificial atoms", PhD December 2014
Joel Lindkvist, started May 2011.
Sankar Raman Sathyamoorthy, started August 2012, Licentiate February 2015.


Lars Tornberg, 2012-2014
Juha Leppäkangas, 2012-2014
Lingzhen Guo, 2014-2015

MSc Students

Lars Tornberg, "Reading out a qubit through an harmonic oscillator" (2005).
Jian Li, "Measuring two Charge Qubits with one Single Electron Transistor" (2006).
Yaron Kedem, "Measurement Back-action in Superconducting Qubits - The Zeno Effect and Entanglement" (2009).
Jorge Jaramillo, "The Quantum Point Contact as an Amplifier" (2009).
Sartoon Fattahpoor, "A superconducting qubit coupled to a slow oscillator" (2009).
Tim Willemen, "Photon-qubit scattering in 1D waveguides" (2010).
Anton Frisk Kockum, "Modelling spectroscopy on transmon qubits in an undercoupled resonator" (2010).
Sankar Raman Sathyamoorthy, "Quantum non-demolition detection of propagating microwave photons" (2012).
Nils Odebo Länk, "Quantum Walks" (2013).
Jewel Kumar Ghosh, "Exploring massive Klein-Gordon fields in microwave transmission lines" (2015).
Omar Malik, "Quantum Superposition of Boundary Conditions" (2015).
Stefano Bosco, "Twin paradox with macroscopic superconducting clocks" (2015).

Undergraduate Teaching

Non-equilibrium processes
Quantum Informatics